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Do hands-on water-saving projects around your home or community. Our new support program, "MyVolunteer Water Project" makes it super easy. It's great for individuals or teams of co-workers to help the environment throughout the year. Best of all, you can earn extra prize-winning points for your city during the Mayor's Water Challenge.
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  • Waterwise
    Home Projects

    Participate in projects
    around your house that
    can make a big

  • Waterwise
    Beautification Projects

    Help beautify your
    community with simple
    and effective landscaping

  • Waterwise
    Community Projects

    Share in the
    responsibility as
    caretakers of your

  • Trees Planted

  • Leaks Fixed

  • Pounds of
    Litter Removed

  • Shares on
    Social Media

*Note to Cities: MyVolunteer Water Project resets at the end of each Mayor's Water Challenge and accrues throughout the year.
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