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Oldsmar, Florida

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The City of Oldsmar has a strong history of innovation and commitment to water conservation and sustainability. The greatest example of this commitment is our City's LEED Certified Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant, which has allowed Oldsmar to become an independent water producer by sourcing brackish water. The Plant relieves stress from the already heavily impacted Upper Floridan aquifer, local rivers and wetlands traditionally used for potable water production. Your pledge to take further action on water conservation demonstrates that Oldsmar residents and businesses are actively engaged in conserving natural resources and making Oldsmar more sustainable. Thank you for your pledge!

- Mayor Doug Bevis, City of Oldsmar, Florida

Southern Region

Thank you for representing the city of Oldsmar, Florida in the Southern region. Once you’ve completed your pledge, find out more about water issues that impact the Southern region of the US.

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